Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Work

198/365 - payday, originally uploaded by jypsygen.

It seems that we will not have to move into a motor home after all. Although we never got very close to that, it was always in the back of my mind. How long can a household survive on too little income? But now, my husband is going back to work at the Boeing Company. The down side is, he will be working 75 miles from home, so the commute is going to mean I won't get to see him much. (He is also going to finish out the college quarter with night classes. Sigh.)

The up side is, well, money. Big upside, even when you like to live simply.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us through this time. We have not suffered, but have simply enjoyed the time together, thanks to your support.

Now, on to the next season of life.


Dena said...

Although it will be difficult with your husband is commuting to Boeing while attending classes at night, it should be less stressful since you won't have to worry about finances.

a girl called dallan said...

So true. And the academic quarter will soon be over. It's all good. :0)