Monday, December 8, 2008

What a Mesh!

All of those plastic mesh bags that encase your holidays fruits and hams can be put to use.

(1) Use a bag as-is to put your hosiery into while laundering. If you tie the top tightly the bag will go through the washer and the dryer without mishap.

(2) Tie a bag into several knots to make a scrubber for dirty dishes. When you acquire another bag, you can drop the tiny scrubber into it and tie knots into the new one for a larger scrubber.

(3) Wear a bag on your head to entertain the children.

A thank you to canonsnapper for sharing this photograph on flickr.


Emily A. W. said...

good ideas!

Judie and George said...

I love that you are going to give us all great ideas. In this economic climate, we can all benefit from these ideas. As far as I'm concerned, the easier the better.

Halvorsen Family said...

When you think about it, that's all those little scrubbers are...just bundled mesh. Clever!