Thursday, March 26, 2009

Repost: From My First Blog, November 18, 2007

FarmBoy and I chatted a bit yesterday about memories of the best play times we had as children. The discussion was initiated by his witnessing my tossing away of three empty (plastic) thread spools. He related that some of his best memories of childhood play were of the imaginative sessions he and his playmates had with leftover wooden thread spools.

Today I saw Soulemama's post about similar play, and I was delighted. Her musings so reflect my own feelings about toys. See her blog here.

(By the way, my own favorite play memory is of a time my cousin Randy and I filled empty soda- pop cans with sand and raced them down makeshift tracks we created ourselves in the dunes along the coastline of Washington state. [Pop cans are not as nice as wood, aesthetically speaking, but we were deserving of points for recycling.] Nothing from my childhood kindles lovely memories like those of a day spent in soft gray sand with the ocean's rhythmic roar in the background.)

A thank you to coccinelle67 for sharing the above photograph on flickr.
Blogger Emily Allan Wood said...

I also think my fondest memories with toys are the toys that come from nature or from creative ideas like your pop cans on the beach. One of my best memories is jumping as high as I could off the sand dunes and flying several feet before landing. I am glad you guys took us to the beach when we were younger. Its a wonderful place.

November 18, 2007 4:45 PM

Anonymous CouponAlbum said...

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March 26, 2009 12:51 AM

Blogger A Girl Called Dallan said...

I agree about the availability of many wonderful toys for purchase these days. (It was not always so.) I like to invest in quality toys that can be passed down for generations. Inasmuch as manufactured toys encourage imaginative play, they are great supplements to the toys which children create for themselves.

Thanks for the comments.

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