Saturday, September 19, 2009

Autumn Approches--Quilts Underway

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Dena said...

Looks as though someone is having a lot of fun playing with yo-yos.

Alyssa said...

Unrelated to quilts, but I saw your "toys that inspire me" sidebar, and was reminded of a book I recently read about marketing to kids.

In the book, the author quoted the president of Brio trains, and mentioned that Brio is one of the few companies (in 2002, when the book was published, anyways) that limited their marketing toward parents, not directly towards the kids. The CEo said something to the effect of "Kids nag their parents for enough stuff already - they don't need any encouragement from us."

After looking at the Brio website, they are currently owned by a Swedish investment company, and trying to continue their philosophy of quality while staying afloat in a market of disposable, cheaply made toys. Interesting stuff.

A girl called dallan said...

There are some really good toy companies out there. Nice to know.