Friday, June 12, 2009

More Lemon Magic

L is for Lemon Lime, originally uploaded by terriseesthings.

I happily volunteered to wash some white baptismal clothes, but was dismayed when they were delivered to me for laundering with brown stains in several places. I pretreated with a commercial stain remover spray and laundered the clothes, then, when that was not completely successful, repeated the process. The stains were only about half gone by this point.

Assuming that the stains were from rust from the zippers in the items, I searched online and found this tip guide. Following the advice there, I then doused the stains in pure lemon juice and let that soak for 15 minutes and washed the clothes again. The stains disappeared.

I love the Internet. And I love those lemons.

A thank you to terriseesthings for sharing this beautiful photo on flickr.

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